It all started at the WTCR radio station in Huntington, WV at 8 AM.  Tina was scheduled to share her story on the Tom Rodin Show, the local Rush Limbaugh! Of course, the dogs were invited to visit the studio, and made quite an impression!

Then they all got to sit quietly in the recording studio so that they could listen to the interview! Looks like it was making an impact on them too--don't you think?

Then on to the newspaper interview!

The reporter from the Herald Dispatch fell madly in love with the Shilohs and promised to write a nice article about them! She was also impressed with the book!

Now it was time to leave for Ashland and the TV station! This upcoming interview was a complete (last minute) surprise! The full story is detailed on our Shiloh Shepherds Community Forum. 


Daystar was amazing, and we were not only welcomed by the staff, but seemed to draw a lot of attention!

The set looked a bit scary but everyone tried very hard to make all of us feel at home!

They explained that I shouldn't worry about the lights and cameras but just try to relax and focus on my story!



Then it was SHOW TIME and the interview began! It seemed like an eternity, but once the dogs were invited to join us on the set, things got a lot easier!!

I guess you will all have to watch the show, if you want to see how I did! Personally, I think Nala got the most attention, but how can anyone resist a 4 month old puppy?

Then On To The Book Signing

We arrived at Adams Christian Book Store in the ORCA Bus!! The store already had a sign out front announcing the book signing, as well as the huge poster in the front window.  What a great looking display!!

It wasn't a very large store, but we still managed to get a fairly good crowd for a Friday evening!! The dogs were totally worn out and I still had 450 books to sign so we headed back to the motel to prepare for the BIG BOOK  SIGNING AT EMPIRE!!

The crowd had already started to gather inside the store by the time we arrived, and the traffic didn't stop all afternoon!

Orca took on the job of our "official greeter" and put on quite a show, while the rest of the dogs were just happy to get so much attention!

The traffic never stopped!

The dogs didn't seem to care how busy the store was--they still found time to play, while the rest of us were meeting and greeting all of the people that just never seemed to run out of questions or compliments!

Then the Channel 3 reporter (for WSAZ-NBC News) did a nice interview! I was amazed that he seemed to know so much about our dogs!

Then it was time to leave.  The book signing was officially over, but people were still arriving to purchase their copy of the book, so we agreed to leave plenty for the store to sell later.

We all had a great time; and the Shilohs made a wonderful impression on everyone they met!
I can't wait until the next book signing!

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