One woman's journey into the development of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog

About Tina M. Barber

Tina Barber has been involved with German Shepherd Dogs all of her life. She started her own training kennel and breeding program in 1962 and then later, after her conversion to evangelical Christianity in 1974, changed her kennel name to Shiloh Shepherds.  Since that time she has continued to pursue her dream of developing the ultimate companion.

Since leaving the Rochester, New York area in 1978, Tina has endured many trials and tribulations as she forged on,  overcoming nearly insurmountable obstacles in order to bring her dream to fruition. In The Shiloh Shepherd Story, she shares some of the heartbreaks she had to endure during these trying decades.

However, she also shares many of the miraculous victories that she has been privileged to witness! Her faith has kept her strong, and the prayers of her Christian family and loyal Shiloh fanciers have undoubtedly been a force in protecting this breed from becoming extinct! Tina's goal is to take you behind the scenes in the development of these dogs, as well as to share the unique spiritual journey she has traveled throughout these many decades.

For more information about Tina Barber, her vision and goals, please visit the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center.


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