The ShilohShepherd Story by Tina M. Barber

One woman's journey into the development of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog

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Shiloh Shepherd Story

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Tina has  had the tenacity of a Bulldog, the energy of a Border Collie, and the determination of a German Shepherd in the pursuit of her goals, despite several roadblocks and setbacks.  I pray God gives her long life to enjoy this pastime (which it can only be in His eyes) but more so to have an impact for Him, on the lives she touches through this endeavor.
(Full Review)

Fred Lanting, author, The Total German Shepherd Dog


This book is probably unlike any dog book you have ever read. Words come to mind that one wouldn't ordinarily apply to a book about the development of a dog breed - rip-roaring, gripping, exciting - a spiritual and cynological thriller! But then, Tina Barber is no ordinary dog breeder. (Full Review)

J. Jeffrey Bragg, author, Purebred Dog Breeds into the 21st Century


A simple review turned into an absorbing read! It's chock-full of insight into both dogs and people. Tina doesn't mince words or overuse them. Her style is different but pleasantly straightforward, leading the reader into a story which reveals Tina Barber to be as unique, intelligent, and devoted as her Shiloh Shepherds.

She is unique in that, without a degree in genetics, she developed genetic research methods as efficient as any this breeder has ever studied. Intelligent in that she went beyond research and theory; she applied her method and insisted that, as a breed developer, her breeders also adhered to stringent record-keeping and selection criteria. "Devoted" seems a rather weak adjective to describe her unwavering loyalty to a single breed and a single objective.

Sustained by her Christian faith, Tina Barber endures enough trial, tribulation, and heartache to serve as a model to all who may feel challenged. The Shiloh Shepherd Story is a true adventure story and a compelling insight into human nature at its best (and worst). Did I mention emotional impact? It will bring tears to the eyes and joy to the heart of every dog lover!

Barbara Andrews, Journalist, Author and Breeder of 230 AKC Champions


I had the recent privilege of meeting Tina Barber; however, I have known many of her dogs through the years. They are some of the most majestic animals I've ever seen.

Richard Sterban, bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys


As the memoirs of the creator of a breed, The Shiloh Shepherd Story is unique in the annals of dog literature. Though structured as an autobiography, it offers insight into a wide array of topics, including genetics and canine diseases, the history of the German Shepherd, dog-show politics and, of course, the history and character of the Shiloh Shepherd...Barber's Christian faith is at the heart of both her breed and her book...The Shiloh Shepherd Story is a story of faith, perseverance, persecution, and triumph. If you're curious about this breed, or if you want to learn from the experience of a veteran breeder or just want a story about a true dog woman, you'll enjoy this book.

Paws in Review, Dog World Magazine


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